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Used telecom tools

Is your company in need of or selling used telecom tools, Florin Nederland B.V. is the company for you. We sell used and pre-owned products that have been refurbished. We can arrange for a completely refurbished digital workspace and used telecom tools for your company. When you order with us, you receive a two year warranty on refurbished products.

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Used telecom tools as a way of reducing e-wastage

If you care about minimising the wastage of electronic and telecom tools, our company is your trusted partner for refurbished discontinued or used devices. We help you reduce e-wastage and reduce the number of raw materials that are used for your recertified network equipment. Is it not possible for us to refurbish the products you sell to us? Then, we will disassemble them and recycle the parts as your trusted dealer for used telecom. Are you interested in buying used equipment besides telecom tools for your company? We will gladly offer you many different products, such as:

All of these are available at an affordable price.


Contact our advisors for an estimate

Are you interested in investing in used telecom tools for your company? Contact our advisors for an estimate of the costs of your telecom tools. Do you want to learn more about our refurbishing company or the refurbished products that we sell? Contact us by phone via +31 252 534 418 or fill out our contact form.