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Used telecom equipment buyers

Used telecom equipment buyers

Do you have used telecom equipment and are you looking for buyers? Florin Nederland B.V. company will buy and sell used or discontinued telecom equipment. Even more so, if some telecom equipment products are no longer working and they cannot be refurbished, then our company will help with the recycling of the parts that are still usable. Rely on us as one of the best buyers of used telecom equipment to pay you a fair price for your products which we use for recycling.

Used telecom equipment available: we are the buyers that you want

You can buy or sell your telecom equipment at our company. When you decide to sell you equipment to us as a dealer for used telecom, we will have one of our experts make an estimate of the inventory you want to sell. We do this based on the current market value of your products. You can count on our specialisation in recycling and refurbishing used telecom equipment to come up with a fitting offer and the right cleansing routine to make sure no data is left on your advice.


We are not only buyers of used telecom equipment for recycling

Would you rather buy instead of sell used telecom equipment? You can find a broad range of refurbished hardware at our company as well. Use these products to build a strong and stable network infrastructure that allows your company to operate flawlessly. Take, for example, our range of used Cisco products, which are all high-quality pieces of equipment that you buy for a competitive price. Thanks to these refurbished products, the lifecycle of hardware is extended, and you reduce the e-wastage of your company.

Are you interested in one of our services? Or do you have some questions?

Contact our representatives if you want to sell your used equipment

If you want start recycling your old telecom equipment or buy refurbished networking infrastructure, please contact our representatives. We will buy and sell your telecom equipment. Do you want to know more about our refurbishing company or the products that we buy? Reach out to us and call +31 252 534 418 or fill out our contact form for advice from our buyers of used telecom equipment.

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