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Used network hardware

Do you have used network hardware which you do not use anymore? Florin Nederland B.V. will gladly buy these products from you. You can count on our expertise in refurbished products to make a good offer for your equipment. If you want to reduce e-wastage and earn extra money, consider selling your used network hardware to our team.

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Why we buy used network hardware

Are you the owner of a tech company or are you a distributor of network hardware and do you have pre-owned or obsolete products available? Our company will buy your stock of hardware to refurbish these products. You will then benefit from extra storage space and a return rate on otherwise useless hardware. We can even pick up your used telecom tools, so you do not need to move them yourself. Florin Nederland B.V. believes that anything can be refurbished or recycled into new materials. Help us reduce e-wastage by selling your equipment, such as used Cisco switches, to us.


Contact our representatives if you want to move your discontinued stock

Does your company have discontinued network hardware stock laying around or are you swapping out your used network hardware for new equipment? Our company will buy your hardware. Contact our representatives for an estimate of your products and call +31 252 534 418 or fill out our contact form.