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Used Cisco switch

Does your company have a used Cisco switch available which you want to sell? Florin Nederland B.V. buys second-hand and used network equipment from Cisco, such as a network switch. Whether your equipment is redundant, or if you are upgrading to new products, all equipment can be refurbished or repurposed with our help.  

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Sell your used Cisco switch equipment to us

When you have a used Cisco switch as part of networking equipment, you can sell this product at market value to our company for refurbished hardware. Our representatives can check your current stock and evaluate the state of the products that are present. You can even ask us to send transport to pick up your Cisco switches and used Cisco routers from your location. Our team will then thoroughly cleanse any lingering data from your devices. If you have additional Cisco products or other brand products available, we will gladly buy them from you. You can count on us to buy and refurbish telecom equipment for instance, as well.


Contact our representatives and sell your used products to us

If you have any leftover or used Cisco switch equipment that you want to sell, contact our representatives for an estimate of your networking infrastructure. We will make an offer based on the Cisco equipment that you have available. Do you want to know more about our refurbishing company or the products we buy? Then contact us by phone via +31 252 534 418 or fill out our contact form.