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OEM switches help you build a strong and reliable network infrastructure that enables you to always work efficiently. If you want to benefit of the quality of these original equipment manufacturers without paying too much, Florin Nederland B.V. offers you the perfect solution. We offer various OEM switches that are refurbished for a longer service life.

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Why you want to order your OEM switches with us

With our range of EOM switches, you get to enjoy high-quality equipment for less, as all of our hardware is refurbished. At the same time, you help us contribute to the prevention of e-wastage as we refurbish or recycle all of our networking infrastructure equipment. Of course, you need other types of equipment as well to build your network. Therefore, you can also find OEM transceivers in our assortment of refurbished equipment. OEM routers are also part of our range of products for your infrastructure.


Get the most out of your money with our equipment

If you are interested in ordering OEM switches, or if you want to sell your own obsolete switches to us, please contact our team by calling +31 252 534 418 or fill out our contact form. We will gladly help you get the most out of your money and equipment in order to build a network for your company.