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Networking infrastructure

Networking infrastructure

When it comes to networking infrastructure, Florin Nederland B.V. is your trusted partner. As a buyer specialised in used network infrastructure, we help you buy qualitative recertified networking equipment. This allows you to build a strong infrastructure or sell your used products while helping to reduce e-wastage.

The benefits of recertified equipment for networking structure

Find all of the networking infrastructure you need at affordable prices with us as your specialist in refurbished hardware. We sell a broad range of refurbished networking products that allow you to not only save money while building your networking infrastructure, but the planet as well. Are you instead looking for a reliable buyer for your used network infrastructure? As a specialist in recertified networking equipment, we buy all of your network infrastructure and either refurbish or recycle the products before selling them to our clients. If the products you deliver are not eligible for refurbishing, we will recycle usable parts to make sure they do not go to waste and are used as pre-owned products for network infrastructure instead.


What we sell as a buyer of used and recertified network infrastructure

In our broad range of recertified products, you can find any equipment you need for your networking infrastructure. All of these products are from well-known brands, such as HP, Brocade, and Juniper to assure your network is stable and secure. Take, for example, the following used products for network infrastructure that we as a buyer supply:

All of these recertified products are perfect to use for building a steady network infrastructure for your company.

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Contact us as your buyer of used network infrastructure

Would you like to sell your used network infrastructure to a reliable buyer? Or would you like to upgrade your networking equipment with our recertified products? Take a look at our full range of products or contact our team to decide on which products suit your applications best. Either call +31 252 534 418 or fill out our contact form to get in touch with our associates.

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