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Would you like enjoy the quality of Juniper at the affordable rates of a reseller? Florin Nederland B.V. will gladly help you do so. You can find many Juniper products in our assortment for professional use. The Juniper products you buy from us, are all refurbished as we believe that the lifecycle of all network products can and should be extended. Contribute to a sustainable world and save yourself some money by buying Juniper products from us as your reseller.

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When you buy your Juniper products from us as your reseller, you are assured of a company that cares about the environment. We reduce the footprint of e-wastage by buying obsolete, discontinued, and used equipment for networking infrastructure and refurbishing or recycling these items. Juniper is one of the best brands to buy when you are in need of refurbished hardware for you network thanks to their excellent quality. Would you like to order other products as well? As a reseller, we also offer a broad range of telecom equipment.


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With products by Juniper and our extensive testing methods, you are assured of excellent quality. Would you like to know which Juniper product we have to offer as a hardware reseller? Take a look at our website or contact our representatives to receive a quote based on the number of products that you need. Contact us by calling +31 252 534 418 or fill out our contact form.