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Would you like to connect with a buyer who you can sell your used cisco products to? Florin Nederland B.V. buys your discontinued or pre-owned hardware and networking equipment at current market value. If you want to sell your old devices, we will gladly help you do so and use your products for refurbishment and recycling.

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Why you want to trust us as your buyer of used Cisco equipment

When you sell your used Cisco products to us as your buyer, you know that your old equipment will not contribute to e-wastage, as we recycle and refurbish your items instead. We believe that discontinued or used network hardware products can be repurposed to extend their service life. You are always reassured that we clean each device of any leftover data that could be stored within your sold equipment, such as your Cisco switches. We take care of refurbishing your Cisco routers as well.


Sell your leftover Cisco equipment to our company

Do you have any leftover or used Cisco items and are you looking for a buyer? Contact our experienced buyers of used telecom equipment. They will make a professional assessment of the products that you have available. Do you want to know more about our company or the products that we buy? Call +31 252 534 418 or fill out our contact form.